About a month and a half or so ago I had my navel pierced (I also have an experience about that posted, entitled "I can't believe I did it...My poor tummy"). It is healing quite well, no pain, irritation, or redness.

Not long after my navel was pierced, I decided I wanted my eyebrow done too. My mother was going to get a tattoo so I decided to go along and have my eyebrow pierced. Tom, the piercer, said I needed to wait a while longer before I had it done because I would pay more attention to my eyebrow than my navel. Then I'd end up getting my navel infected.

I decided he was probably right. Mom ended up waiting three hours to get her tattoo done (theres only one guy that pierces and one that does tattoos... and the place is always packed) so I hung out and talked to all the people getting tattooed. It was a lot of fun, very educational, too. lol. Some of them freaked me out. There was a bunch of big ole' dudes that had more tattoos than I could count. And when I showed them my navel and told them I wanted my eyebrow done they wigged out. These guy had probably sat for hours before with the constant pricking of a needle in their skin, but are afraid of getting a piercing. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, I happened to have a doctors appointment close to the piercing place yesterday so mom and I decided to go and get my eyebrow done. My boyfriend had been saying he was going to get his tongue pierced since the day I met him six months ago and never made any effort to. So I told him he was a wuss and if he'd do it, I'd pay for it. Then his sister (who also thought he was a wuss and said she didn't think he'd do it) decided she wanted to come so she could watch her big brother chicken out.

We all piled into my moms car and headed for the doctor. While I was being doctored, my boyfriend's sister, Kelly, called their mom to see if she could get her cartilage pierced. Her mother said yes so we were all getting pierced (except for mom, her navel is pierced and that was enough for her).

As we got closer to the place everyone was getting nervous. And once we were there, they made me go first. I didn't mind though because I was anxious to have another needle shoved through me. I chatted with Tom while he washed his hands and put on his gloves and all that good stuff. He marked a spot with a marker and searched for a mirror so I could check it, but I told him it was fine, where ever it was (he couldn't find the mirror and I didn't want to walk to the door to the big mirror). Then he put on the clamps (far less painful than on the belly) and shoved the needle through. When I had my navel done I was so nervous I didn't notice the needle going through, but this time I was fine and very aware of it. It didn't hurt in the least.

I think its great, I love it. And as for Jeremy and Kelly...

Jeremy was very nervous and made Kelly go before him. She sat on that stool and looked so brave. Tom put the needle through and she was so surprised that it didn't hurt. She said having her lobes done with a gun was worse. And Jeremy did it too. We were all so proud of him. Today he still hadn't ate anything and was about to die of hunger so he found some pliers and took it out. Then he ate two sandwiches and a ding dong. He put it back in too.

I told him it would never heal if he kept taking it out to eat, but he said he wouldn't be doing that again. Kelly went home and was so proud of herself, but everyone was so freaked out by Jeremy's tongue they barely noticed her.

I'm cleaning my eyebrow the same way I did my navel... twice a day with Bactine. I also use antibacterial soap in the shower (on both of my piercings). I think they are both the greatest things in the world and I want more piercings, anyone with ideas email me. I think I want an industrial. Or maybe an orbital. Anyone know if these are painful?

Back to the point... I won't say that it doesn't hurt because I didn't think it did, but you may. If you are thinking about getting it done... go for it. Even if it does hurt... its all over in a matter of seconds, and you'll probably regret it if you don't do it.

I love talking about piercing so email me. (I talk a lot too so watch out, if you get me started I might not shut up).


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